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In 2012 the first Summer Math Camp, for the pupils of the eighth and tenth mathematics grades, was organized in Belarus , under the direction of the school 57 Vice-Principal B. M. Davidovich and the head of the Mathematics Department P.V. Sergeyev . In the ten days of the camp, from 28th June to 7th July, the students were offered 17 courses, consisting of two or three lectures each, devoted to different mathematical subjects. During the two morning lectures, the students were given questions, which they discussed with the teachers later on in the evening. The camp participants also had time for leisure: they went on an excursion to Polotsk, looked at the bisons in the nature reserve, played football and swam in the lake.

The pictures were made by B.M.Davidovitch, E. Zilber, A.Sotsky. Full version available on Picasa.

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Complete list of courses

8th form

10th form

The tasks for the 9th 'V' form based on the lectures of the Maths Camp.

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